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Delivery Information

Delivery Information - Anti-Icky-poo in Canada

Shipping Damage

Liquid goods that have been damaged during the shipping process are typically detected by the Canadian Post.  However, in the unlikely event that an item you receive has been damaged during shipping, simply contact customer service and a replacement will be promptly supplied.  We would appreciate being notified of the receipt of a damaged item within 24 hours after delivery has occurred, and we would also greatly appreciate a photo of the item.  This will help us to make a claim against Canadian Post, as well as teaching us the packaging mistakes that must be avoided in the future.

Incorrect Orders

Incorrect Items

In the event that you receive an incorrect item, simply let us know as soon as possible and we will promptly ship the correct item to you.  You also have the right to demand a refund (prorated or full, as appropriate) of all costs associated with shipping and purchase.  Please include a photo or scan of the packing slip along with a photo of the incorrect items when you contact us, and please ensure that contact is made within 24 hours of delivery being received.  We may ask that you dispose of the incorrect items either by repackaging them and making them available for return to us at no cost to you, or by donating the items in your name and ours to a local non-profit cat or dog shelter.

Missing Items

In the event that an item is missing from your order, please let us know as soon as possible.  We can easily verify your claim by checking the shipping weight of the package.

Unopened Items

Should you change your mind or order incorrect items, we may accept their return in some instances, provided they are unopened.  Should this occur, please contact us to obtain a shipping address for the items returned, as well as an RGA (Return Goods Authorisation).  Please note that you will be responsible for all costs associated with returning the unopened items to us.  A refund will be made for the cost of the items only, excluding costs associated with shipping and handling of the original order, and a refund will only be made if the items are returned to us in a resalable state.  You will also receive a refund of any sales tax that you paid when making the original order, again provided that the items are returned to us in a resalable state.  You retain full responsibility for the items until they are returned to us in an undamaged state.  Therefore, should any damage occur to the items in transit back to us, no refund will be provided.

Cold Weather Freezing

Anti-Icky-Poo is optimally designed for milder temperatures.  In winter and in late fall, we place a "Do Not Freeze" sticker on all packages.  Should Anti-Icky-Poo become frozen, its effectiveness will not be reduced after it has thawed.  However, frozen or cold Anti-Icky-Poo may leak or fracture.  Should you receive a bottle that has cracked from being frozen, simply temporarily transfer the product into a clean bowl, bucket, or bottle until we can ship a replacement container to you.  Alternatively, we will be happy to provide a full refund.

MisterMax Products

MisterMax P-Bath Urine Pre-Treatment is the perfect companion to Anti-Icky-Poo, allowing it to work at peak performance.  MisterMax negates the effects of other chemical detergents and cleaners that have previously been used in the area of contamination, and also lessens yellowing.  As a stain remover, MisterMax works best on stains that occurred within the last nine months and has been proven to be effective on stains that occur from the decay of organic material, food stains, and even blood.  Despite the fact that MisterMax products have proven time and again to work effectively and as described, Anti-Icky-Poo products are not guaranteed, and containers that have been opened will not be accepted for return.

Important Note

Please note that I am simply a reseller of these products, with an aim to make popular products available at affordable prices.  I am not the manufacturer of these products.  The claims on this page and product descriptions contained within this site are those of the manufacturer, and not mine.  As such, I hold no responsibility for enforcing these claims, nor do I make any guarantees that you will receive any particular results as a consequence of these claims.

In addition, some products may include money-back guarantee offers.  Such offers are made directly by the manufacturers of the products and not by me.  As a result, I cannot handle claims related to moneyback guarantees.  Such claims should be directed to the manufacturers of the products. 

I thank you for your understanding in these matters.

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