Anti-Icky-Poo will eradicate Pet Odors from most materials such as carpet, fabric, upholstery, mattress, tile and grout.

Authorized distributor of Anti-Icky-Poo scented and perfumed free, P bath, and Mister Max Stain Remover “” based out of Calgary Western Canada, we are able to ship all over Canada, USA, and World wide.

Anti Icky Poo Reviews Canada

Read authentic consumer's reviews UNEDITED on mistermax pet odor removal products.

Louis Katina: Edmonton Alberta

I had the obvious problem - pet odor. It was a cat that sprayed my carpet! The odor was really so bad that anybody could smell it when walked into the room. I had tried everything including, bleach, vinegar, perfumes, and carpet cleaners etc. to get rid of the odor. Nothing worked. Few weeks ago my friend referred me Anti-Icky-Poo's product. I visited their and I ordered "Unscented Two Gallons plus carpet injector". I used it the day I got it and by following the directions and it worked instantly! Got rid of that smell! Thanks to Mistermax firm for making products like this.

Anastasia Robert: Vancouver Canada

My cat started urinating everywhere! even on my new bed! I got this stuff, and the smell is completely gone! But I had to use it multiple times. First time it worked great. Urine smell was almost gone. I could faintly smell it after it dried. So, I used it again and no smell anymore! No perfume to cover it up. Just put it on the urine spot, and the smell is gone! I've tried many other products before, and none of them worked!

Brain Matthew: Winnipeg Manitoba

I've used several products that have helped with urine stink. But every one of them made my dog sick. But Anti-Icky-Poo worked awesome on the odor and nothing happened to my dog yet. Now, I only use this product whenever I need. Thank you MISTERMAX USA for a marvelous product. Highly recommended!

Barbara Edward: Calgary Alberta

This product is worth every penny. I completely got rid of the odor and it's great. I was worried that I would have to get rid of the cat. But now, I've nothing to worry about. Whenever I face odor problem, I just spray anti-icky-poo. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone looking solution for pet odor. Buy it, you will not be dis-satisfied!

Heather Roger: Abbotsford BC.

I used Anti-Icky-poo in my daughter's room that has been spoiled by our new puppy. I will buy the bigger icky poo package and use as a pretreatment before calling carpet cleaners in Abbotsford. Overall it's a good product; it does not cover the smell with any perfumes that sooner or later stink up your house out!

Laurie Wayne: Ottawa Canada

It was really a hell when you smell this unhealthy odors created by my dogs in my bedroom. My 2 dogs love to sleep on my reclining chair near my bed. My dog ANACONDA got wounded and then the place where my dog loves to sleep every night started to smell badly. I bought anti-icky-poo unscented and applied directly to the leatherette upholstery. Amazingly, the smell was gone. I can sleep soundly now.

Matilda Benjamin: Regina

I hate the puppy of my sister when he started to urinate one time in the living room. Every now and then he would pee there on the same spot. It was really so embarrassing moment when my friends came over to visit me. They smelled the stinky odor. I told my mom about that and she got an immediate resolution with “2 Gallons Package Scented”. The odors were removed from that day on and the puppy never pees there again.

Chad Jacob: Kingston Ontario

MisterMax odor removal products are really nice stuff that really works in eliminating odors in the entire house. I can attest to that good performance. I tried a lot of products but it didn't work efficiently as I expected as it would be. I would highly recommend everyone to try this kind of product. It works greatly and accordingly to the expectations set forth!

Samantha Cory: Red Deer Alberta

Every single penny was worth a try in this particular item. I am so satisfied with the result I got here. It gave me a good atmosphere to breathe in and out and ambience to relax. What a sense of odor relief! Good job, anti icky poo! You got two thumbs up from me.

Jessie Chiefwater: Toronto Ontario

I tried to remove dog urine from my mattress. But I was unsuccessful to remove the smell. Then I purchased Anti Icky Poo Unscented & used it on the bed. The stuff is amazing and has no cloying perfume to cover it up. I highly recommend this to anyone with a pet odor problem. It's worth every cent and then some!